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Subsonic Labs - Volfram v1.2.1 [WiN] [x86 x64] [08.2018] :: Multi-Effect Plugin
VST Эффекты

Subsonic Labs - Volfram v1.2.1 [WiN] [x86 x64] [08.2018] :: Multi-Effect Plugin

09.01.18 159 3.0 0
Subsonic Labs - Volfram v1.2.1 [WiN] [x86 x64] [08.2018]
This is the device for you who aren't satisfied with the few options on your average plugin. You wish to take that extra step, to twist that extra knob in order to achieve instant sound processing gratification - Now you can... We took your average plugin, doubled the voltage, drilled (virtual) holes for essential buttons and rewired it beyond recognition.

Smoking hot from our Subsonic Laboratories, it can be the subtle, ear tingling touch of Dr. Jekyll...But Volfram is equally capable being the frequency devastating abomination of Mr. Hyde. All this with a light touch on the well polished user panel.

Get that vintage vibe with a modern twist - Delays, pitch shifting, distortion, chorusing, phasing, panning, filtering, cabinet emulation and all strange combinations in between. Do you need Volfram today? Well, you will ask yourself why you didn't buy it yesterday!

Manipulator effect algorithms
• Pitch shifting - A lo-fi effect, especially effective on percussion
• Distortion - Use the dedicated distortion parameter in combination with the input gain
• Phasing - A six-stage phaser for that classic 70s sound
• Time offset-delays for effects such as flanging, chorusing and cabinet emulation

Filter+Delay effect algorithms
• A powerful stereo delay working closely with the multi-mode filter
• A multi-mode filter with separate input gain and several filter modes

Several modulation sources
• Two free-running LFOs
• Two tempo-synced pattern generators
• One envelope follower
• Many usable patterns from one to three measures in length
• Combine the two pattern generators for even more patterns
• All modulation sources can be inversed

Flexible modulation
• All modulation sources can control most of Volfram's parameters
• Up to four independent modulations simultaneously
• Some sources and some destinations can be combined for even more simultaneous modulations

Re-routing of audio signals
• Four basic configurations of the effect processing blocks
• Route additional signals to other blocks within the plugin
• Possible to inverse the signal
• Can process left and right channels separately for unique stereo effects

Built-in handling of presets
• A number of useful presets installed from start
• The same presets are available between VST, VST3 and Audio Units variants
• A-B comparison makes preset adjustments easy

• Cайт разработчика: Перейти
• Тип: Лицензия
• Операционная система: Windows
• Форматы: VST, VST3
Рейтинг материала: 3.0/2

Теги:x64, win, 08.2018, Volfram, multi-effect, Subsonic, ::, v1.2.1, x86, Labs

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