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TSE Audio BOD v3.0.0 [WIN.MAC] [x86 x64] - Free Overdrive
VST Эффекты

TSE Audio BOD v3.0.0 [WIN.MAC] [x86 x64] - Free Overdrive

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TSE Audio BOD v3.0.0 [WIN.MAC] [x86 x64]
TSE Audio BOD v3.0.0 [WIN.MAC] [x86 x64] - The B.O.D is emulating a well known bass processing unit! If you need a good bass-tone quick, try this one!

– Input: Control the incoming (guitar) signal. Value of 1.0 = +0dB and 2.0 = +6dB
– Level, Drive, Low, High, Presence, Blend
– Quality switch: 'LO' and 'HI' setting. HI setting removes additional aliasing.

New in this version:
– Stereo processing support.
– Extra oversampling options.
– Re-modeled circuits of the entire pedal.
– Updated GUI.
– Fixed broken AAX support.

The download buttons are at the bottom

• Cайт разработчика: Перейти
• Тип: Бесплатно
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Теги:x86, v3.0.0, BOD, overdrive, free, Audio, TSE, VST Эффекты, WIN.MAC, x64

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