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GG Audio - Blue3 + Blue3Rotary 1.2.0 [WIN] [x86 x64] [02.10.2017] - Blue3 Organ VSTi

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GG Audio - Blue3 + Blue3Rotary 1.2.0 [WIN] [x86 x64]  [02.10.2017]

GG Audio - Blue3 + Blue3Rotary 1.2.0 [WIN] [x86 x64] [02.10.2017] You know the sound. We've all heard it a thousand times. Sweet and angry. Mysterious and powerful. Warm and wonderful.

Blue3 recreates the glorious sound of vintage tonewheel organs with amazing attention to detail. Every component of these wonderful instruments has been captured with all their quirks and imperfections.


91 modeled tonewheels with accurate phase synchronization
Full polyphony for upper, lower and pedal manualsl
Adjustable tonewheel leakage, crosstalk and flutter
Selectable foldback for the 16' drawbar
9 contact key and busbar simulation
Selectable keyboard split function
Adjustable 3 band output EQ
Extensive MIDI controller mapping
Includes Blue3Rotary, a separate plugin that contains Blue3's Tube Overdrive and Rotary Cabinet simulations.
30 tonewheel sets from vintage A100, B3, C3 & L100 instruments
6 way tonewheel scaling
Adjustable drawbar output levels
Hyper accurate vibrato/chorus scanner
Completely adjustable percussion & vibrato scanner controls
Classic 122/147 and "high power" custom rotary speaker simulations
Guitar amp cabinet simulation
Accurate manual taper & volume robbing
2 Stereo outputs, Main and Direct (pre-overdrive and cabinet)
Classic 40 watt rotary speaker tube overdrive simulation and high gain British guitar amp overdrive
Completely adjustable rotary speeds, acceleration & deceleration
Accurate microphone spread and distance controls
Rotary horn diffusers on/off
Front stop & Memphis control for rotary speaker
Low memory/disk usage
Low CPU usage

Tonewheels baby

A real B3 (or C3 or A100) has 91 individual tonewheels spinning constantly, creating the fundamental tones for every note on the keyboards. Blue3 recreates them all with all of their lovely imperfections. But as you know, every vintage organ sounds just a little different because of age and wear & tear, so Blue3 goes a step further and gives you the tonewheel sets from 30 different actual organs including A100s, B3s, C3s and a few L100s. Pick your favorite set.

Even more tonewheels

And if you really like one of those tonewheel sets but wish it had just a little more highs, you're going to love the tonewheel level controls. They let you smoothly turn up or down any section of the tonewheels to capture the sound you're looking for. This is no EQ control. This is the exact equivelent of opening up the back of your organ and smoothly adjust the output levels of all of the tonewheels.

Players are picky

The way the percussion sounds is very personal to players. Blue3 lets you adjust every aspect of all the percussion settings to your hearts content.

Same thing goes for the Vibrato/Chorus scanner. Every component of the V/C circuitry has been recreated with meticulous detail and Blue3 lets you tune it to your personal taste.

Imperfections, we love em

Blue3 lets you dial in just how much character you want. Turn up the crosstalk, flutter and leakage and your instrument will sound like a beast that's been on the road for 30 years. Turn them all down and it will sound like it just left the factory floor. It's your choice.

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