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SPC Plugins - ArcSyn 2.0.0 [WIN.OSX x86 x64] - Synthesizer
VSTi Инструменты

SPC Plugins - ArcSyn 2.0.0 [WIN.OSX x86 x64] - Synthesizer

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SPC Plugins - ArcSyn 2.0.0 [WIN.OSX x86 x64]
SPC Plugins - ArcSyn 2.0.0 [WIN.OSX x86 x64] ArcSyn is a 32-voice polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer plug-in with many unusual features:
No samples—all oscillator waveforms are generated from scratch.
Many unique waveforms including Sub-harmonics, Bit-Noise and FM Crossfade
Unique LFOs feature wave sequencing and hundreds of unusual waveforms including many random types.
Powerful, self-oscillating filters based on the Oberheim Matrix 12.
Many unusual filter types like Frequency Shifter, Scramble and Multi-Alias.
Smooth, natural sound quality throughout—Oscillators and filters are 4X oversampled, all audio processing is done in 64-bit arithmetic and control signals are updated at 5500Hz or higher.
Comes with over 500 preset programs.
MIDI controller learn.
Easy program organisation—rearrange programs and folders using your computer's file system.

Oscillator Scintillator

There are 71 waveforms, most of which are complex processes with a single parameter allowing timbral variation or interactions between several internal oscillators. Here you can find the usual saws and PWM waves, but also bipolar pulse waves, wave-folded triangles, various forms of phase distortion (saw to triangle, variable duty cycle saw, etc.), digital bit-pattern noises, stacked oscillators, sub-octave generators, fixed formant oscillators, 8-bit wavetables, pulse dividers… the list goes on.

There are three of these oscillators, and while they may not interact with each other, they can be layered, detuned and sent to two filter busses, allowing the creation of a vast number of textures that would need much more than three oscillators to create normally.

Looking at the two identical filters, there are regular and “SEM”-style filters of every kind, the latter having a sweet, sticky resonance and going easier on the CPU when making slow pads. There are comb filters, pitch shifters, ring modulators and aliasing generators. There are also some things I’ve never heard of, such as the “repeater” which is basically like a buffer repeat effect, only it can go audio-rate and track pitch, mangling spectra without remorse. It’ll turn a bare sawtooth into an aural representation of a chainsaw on fire.

Lo-fi is also thoroughly represented in the filters and effects, with several types of aliasing available, including linear interpolation, slew limiting, multi-stage down-samplers in series (for that extra phasey crunch), and much more. If you like lo-fi sounds, it’s here in every conceivable flavour.

Pushing The Envelope

So, the generators and modifiers are correct and present, but that’s only half the battle. Every good synth needs a good set of modulation sources. In Arcsyn there are four AHDSR envelopes with adjustable curves, plus 8 LFOs. But these LFOs are not your daddy’s LFOs. I don’t even feel comfortable calling them LFOs, because these are basically modulation heaven made real.

Each LFO shape can be constructed out of up to 16 segments of equal length, and these segments can be chosen from a menu of about 50 pieces, many of which have their own parameter that lets you more specifically tailor its shape. Variable ramps, staircases, curves, bit-patterns, gates, can all be placed in sequence and adjusted until just so. Every step has an adjustable offset and modulation amount, allowing you to smoothly connect any two steps to create a larger, flowing modulation shape, or you can make it as jagged as you like. You are in control, and if you want to relinquish some of it, there are plenty of LFO segments with randomness built into them.

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